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Syria Relief was born in Manchester, UK at the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011. Dismayed at the rapidly unfolding crisis in Syria, a group of friends of Syrian heritage came together to make a concerted effort to provide emergency humanitarian aid in the region, for what they initially assumed would be a short -term project.

The largely medical background of the Trustees made it easy to start off by providing emergency medical care, but Syria Relief swiftly expanded its range and scope of programmes to cope with the needs, going into food aid and education.  We have since branched out into a variety of unique and crucial areas, from specialist psychiatric treatment to prosthetic limb clinics and sustainable livelihood.

Aim and Objective

Our aim is simply to ‘relieve the suffering and support the future.‘ Our objective is to provide support and care to those 7.6 million internally displaced by the conflict, thus helping to reduce the mass migration from Syria.  To this end, we directly support civilians and displaced communities while providing the tools and training to help them become self-sufficient in their altered circumstances.

The Unique Nature of Syria Relief

Thanks to the connections of the Trustees and our lengthy experience of working in the region, Syria Relief has a solid network of committed management and logistics staff on the ground inside Syria – currently numbering at around 1,600.  We have a number of offices internationally – in the UK, Turkey and in Syria, from where we coordinate our projects.  This means we can deliver humanitarian aid in all areas, including the hard-to-reach rural and some besieged areas.  We can respond with efficiency to any situation that arises, whether conflict related or natural.

New challenges arise daily, and we have proven our ability to adapt and grow in order to achieve our goals. In the short space of time since its inception, Syria Relief has established its reputation as a trusted and effective humanitarian aid agency on the ground, with a track record of the highest level of transparency and feedback. With your support, we have touched the lives of 1.8 million people, distributing aid in excess of $44 million.


Syria Relief would like to invite all parties interested in offering humanitarian aid and support in the region, to collaborate with us to collectively deliver aid in the region. This would achieve maximum efficiency in the delivery of aid, avoiding wastage in repetitive administrative expenses.

How to get involved

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