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Travel through the Middle Atlas Mountains and explore its rich, fertile prairies and many waterfalls and rivers. Discover a less-known region of Morocco while abseiling, trekking and canyoning in the stunning Ouzoud waterfalls. Enjoy the forest and abundant water in this off-the-beaten-path region, and camp out by one of the biggest lakes in Morocco.


Day 1: From Marrakech to the beautiful Ouzoud Falls (D)

The adventure begins right off, heading off from the city of Marrakech straight towards the Ouzoud Falls, 150km northeast. These waterfalls are quite an impressive sight, and a popular tourist destination because of their beauty. The area below is surrounded by olive trees, and a dozen ancient windmills can be found at the top of the waterfalls. When you arrive to Ouzoud, you’ll do a little trekking around the area to get familiar with the environment and fully enjoy the waterfalls the following day. Trekking: 2 - 3 hours. Night: Family riad on top of the waterfalls.

Day 2: Full day of canyoning in the Ouzoud region (B,L,D)

The day’s main adventure will be canyoning around the Ouzoud regions. This is an intense experience, accompanied by our certified instructors, which includes a descent of rappels and natural slides down to the base of a range of canyons and waterfalls. Afterwards, you’ll explore extensively the canyons by doing aquatic trekking and jumping in pools. You will finish your day in the region of La Cathèdrale. This is the area where you will spend the night, in a traditional gîte right by the river, next to an impressive rocky formation. Canyoning Experience: 6 - 8 hours. Night: Mountain gîte by the river.

Day 3: Trekking towards to the amazing rock formations of La Cathèdrale and visit to Bin El Ouidane Lake (B,L,D)

Early in the morning, you will start your day by doing some trekking in the area and having lunch outdoors. You’ll get to enjoy the beautiful landscape and the majestic rocky formations of La Cathèdrale, a massive rock wall that stands tall and prominent, dominating the landscape. It’s common to see Barbary macaques around, the only species of macaque outside of Asia. From there, you will drive to Bin El Ouidane lake, one of the largest lakes in the region, where you will set up base for the night. After a long and active day, enjoying the lake, swimming and relaxing by its shore will be the perfect end to your adventure. Trekking: 4 - 5 hours Night: Camping/bungalows by the lake.

Day 4: Forests in the Azilal province and journey back to Marrakech (B)

In the morning, you will continue trekking around the Azilal province or over the lake, enjoying the superb nature and stunning mountains of the Middle Atlas. Around noon, you’ll catch a ride back to Marrakech, a bustling mercantile city that will be the last stop at the end of your adventure. Its iconic Jamaa el Fna square is still busy with storytellers, snake charmers, artisan markets, and all sorts of shopping stalls. Trekking: 2 - 3 hours. Night: Traditional Riad in Marrakech.

Day 5: A final day in Marrakech (B)

Breakfast will be served at the riad on this final day of the tour. There will be transfers to the airport arranged according to flight schedules, and plenty to explore in the city if you have time before your departure!

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