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Fair Connections Foundation is the charitable arm of Fair Connections (Global) CIC and is focused on raising funds for schools, communities and other educational organisations in Nepal. 

Fair Connections Foundation has been established by Sara Parker, who first visited Nepal in 1986. She then lived and worked in Sikles, a remote mountainous village and taught English in the local school working with the Annapurna Conservation Area Project for 6 months in 1992. She founded Fair Connections (Global) CIC to develop and sell hand made fair trade educational resources to schools in the UK to help children learn about Nepal and Fair Trade. The resources are used in schools in Nepal to promote child friendly learning. By making classes more interactive engaging and fun – Fair Connections contributes towards improving the quality of education in Nepal.

Many schools were damaged in the earthquakes in 2015 posing real challenges in Nepal and many temporary schools were established. The Government and NGO community are working hard to rebuild and repair buildings. 

We are focused on working with local organisations and schools to help them improve the quality of education provided in schools. Good quality teaching and learning environments are essential so that all children can go to school and realise their potential.  By working with local organisations our impact can be maximised and we can respond to the needs of local teachers and schools.

“So much more can be done together – as long as connections are based on respect, genuine participation and a commitment to autonomous development. My experiences in Nepal over the past 30 years has taught me so much – and shown me that local people are best placed to define and implement projects to bring positive change in their own communities.

Global Goals:

Inspired Challenge has teamed up the UN Global Goals initiative to help end extreme poverty, fight inequality and injustice, and fix climate change.

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