Impact travel Impact travel

We've developed a very unique way for anyone looking to help make the world a better place. We use travel to support charitable events, challenges, volunteer opportunities, and impact holidays to support of a global network of social and environmental projects. In partnership with the UN Global Goals, it is a powerful, beautiful way to raise funds for the projects that matter to you, and the perfect tool for people who want to make a serious impact. 

A one stop shop for giving A one stop shop for giving

By fundraising for a charity supporting a project abroad, and then travelling to see the work it does on the ground, you get to see the tangible and measurable difference you've made first hand. To help you experience for yourself the impact you've made, Inspired Challenge organises all planning and travel logistics to make your journey safer and smoother.  

Create a fundraising page below and start supporting your chosen charity or social project. We will adminsiter all donations and ensure your charity of choice receives your generosity. Get started. 

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