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Welcome to your Inspired Challenge! The global home for adventure expeditions that create social change around the world. Going from good to great as your valued perspiration, precious time, committed fundraising and impactful footprints make a difference to the people and places that lie at the very heart of the destinations we adventure.

A challenge that makes a difference A challenge that makes a difference

Travel has an extraordinary ability to transform. It has the power to change perspectives, open
minds, shift opinions and change lives. Travel is THE greatest inspirator.

But when travel comes together with friendship, understanding, respect, support and empathy it can bring together the most unlikely minds, people from different worlds can come together to achieve something truly incredible.

An experience of a lifetime

Lifetime friendships and bonds that run deeper than your rational mind can explain. It can change not only the life of the traveller, but can touch the lives of the people whose paths they cross, however fleetingly or unknowingly the encounter.

Travel creates memories that will stay with you for a lifetime and become stories. For those you help along the way these stories are often far more. We seek to reveal these stories from all corners of the world to inspire others to ask the question.... how will you live your life....

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Take a look through out range of expeditions, sports events, treks and challenges around the world. If you can't find what you're looking for get in touch, we have connections all over the world and can tailor your group challenge to suit your goals and aspirations.

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