Challenges that make a difference Challenges that make a difference

Welcome. We are Inspired Challenge. We are the global home for adventure expeditions that create social change around the world. Going from good to great as your valued perspiration, precious time, committed fundraising and impactful footprints make a difference to the people and places that lie at the very heart of the destinations we adventure.

Challenge yourself Challenge yourself

This year we are joining forces with charities, companies and individuals from around the world to raise funds and awareness of people leading the way in supporting smart, effective and impactful projects around the world. We are not a charity challenge company. We invest time energy and expertise in understanding the problems, we host joint campaigns to unite and mobilise awesome people from around the world to join forces and leverage the difference any one person can make on their own. Life is a journey, and a whole lot better when you live it with others that share the same passion. 

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Last year we partnered with several outstanding organisations, together raising over £500k for projects around the world. 

This year we turn our attentions to 3 of the biggest issues facing the world today and laying the groundwork for a global movement of change through the power of sport, adventure and travel.

  • Refugee crisis
  • Poverty and equality
  • Education


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